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The newest book (and the first novel!) in the REP family: The Straw That Broke, by Gregory Zeigler.

In Gregory Zeigler’s environmental thriller The Straw That Broke, Lyn Burke, a vulnerable young scientist and free spirit, gets caught up in a battle between ecoterrorists and corrupt public officials over water in the drought-stricken desert Southwest. Lyn’s disappearance causes police officer Susan Brand and private investigator Jake Goddard to rush to her aid. Abduction, deceit, and murder threaten to trigger a cataclysm that places the entire region in jeopardy.

In a parched and frightening future in which two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to be living under severe water shortages, The Straw That Broke is a modern allegory, shedding light on the desperate clashes over precious water, and on our imperiled future.

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