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About Raven's Eye Press

Raven's Eye Press is an "authors co-op publishing house" -- which means, essentially, that at Raven's Eye Press, we are not the "publisher," you are. You are publishing your book, and we are a service provider. The "services" we provide are those offered by a traditional publisher -- but on an a la carte basis. That way, you control your investment and creativity by choosing what to have done and what to do yourself. Also, using Raven's Eye Press provides the public face of having a "real publisher" that facilitates credibility, recognition, sales, and distribution of books.

So, REP in a major nutshell, is a blend of self-publishing and having the imprint of a "real" publisher. Like self-publishing, the author finances the book, retains all rights, and receives all compensation (minus fees & services); and s/he has complete creative control. Meanwhile, REP works as a sort of "general contractor" to bring the project to fruition. The author can pick from a menu of services to contract to REP or to a subcontractor. Authors can also do whatever they want to do on their own, or want to contract to others. For example, our authors regularly work with elle jay design for interior and cover design, but are free to choose a different designer if desired.

Unlike other self-publishing services, though, and more in keeping with the value of a traditional publishing house, REP is thematic -- generally captured under the tagline of "Rediscovering the West." REP does not print just anything -- we seek quality and relevance, and we read manuscripts and reserve the right to reject publication. With this quality under a general theme, the booklist under the REP name and the shared website create a sort of "writers co-op," where the authors build and share the value of having our works under a single "flag."

There is also no "royalty" system. Since REP does not own the rights to the book -- you do -- you earn all returns on books. REP charges an hourly fee and a small fee on transactions made through REP, such as book orders, and wholesale and retail sales that pass through REP.

All Raven's Eye Press books are available from Ingram and BooksWest or can be ordered directly from the author. Please contact us for booksellers' discounts.

REP Services

  • Publishing
  • Printing
  • Distribution

elle jay design services

  • Cover design
  • Interior design
  • Creation of marketing materials
  • Manuscript editing
  • e-Book creation

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