Going Trad


Going Trad: Out there, with Elkheart
Traditional bowhunting adventures and advice, from the heart of elk country
by David Petersen

In Going Trad, renowned woodsman, hunter and conservationist David "Elkheart" Petersen sets aside his signature criticism of what's wrong with hunting in America today, in favor of an enthusiastic celebration of what's RIGHT with hunting, focusing primarily on "traditional" (low technology, high ethics) bowhunting for elk. Through photos and unaffected personal prose, Going Trad takes readers "out there" to share the adventures and learn the ancient skills attendant to traditional-values hunting.

“Thus is the allure of Petersen’s prose—he is the thinking man’s hunter. Somewhere between poring over topo maps and field dressing there resides a thoughtful, reverent exploration of much more than the process of the hunt. Elkheart knows himself, but even more so he knows that the land and the game possess a heart and soul of their own.”
– David Tetzlaff, Traditional Bowhunter magazine

“A former Marine pilot and current backwoods intellectual, idealist, iconoclast and hunter, Dave Petersen defies categorization as adroitly as his terrific prose.”
–Don Thomas, outdoors man and writer

230 pages
6 x 9 inches