Heartsblood: Hunting, Spirituality, and Wildness in America

by David Petersen

In Heartsblood, nationally acclaimed nature writer and veteran outdoorsman David Petersen takes a clear-eyed look at humans and hunting, and reaches conclusions sure to challenge everyone's preconceptions. He draws clear distinctions between true hunting and contemporary hunter behavior, praising what's right about the former and damning what's wrong with the latter. Along with his extensive personal experience, Petersen draws on philosophy, evolutionary science, biology, and empirical studies to create an engaging and literate work that offers a unique look at hunting, hunters, anti-hunting, and, in the words of the author, "life's basic truths."

"The man convinces me. I not only respect his practice of hunting, I am in awe of it ... Petersen practices a kind of awareness akin to that of the great spiritual traditions.”
Washington Post Book World

270 pages
6 x 9 inches