How Delicate These Arches


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How Delicate These Arches: Footnotes from the Four Corners

by David Feela

"I can only imagine how unconnected so many travelers must feel passing through the desert Southwest. Their instinctual GPS steers them clear of any complex community encounters and heads them straight towards Utah's Canyonlands, or parks them at the Four Corners Monument to take a photograph with their loved ones standing on the only point in the continental US where four state borders converge, then nudges them on toward that great dip in the road, the Grand Canyon.

"If you follow the itinerary, you may see the sights but sadly, you'll miss the experience. This book isn't a destination guide. It's like an outfitter's guarantee to his customers that you paid good money for more than just a tour."
--from the Preface

"Feela gives the reader new eyes with which to see the beauties and quirks of his section of the state. Even beyond this, he gives readers eyes to see their own communities in a new light: beautiful and unique even in the hum-drum status quo."
--Julie Simpson, Colorado Country Life

"Forget Frommer's Travel Guide, David Feela's "How Delicate These Arches" is the true depiction of Southwest living, and the unforgettable characters that inhabit the region. Whether it be a heart-warming tale, or a knee-slapping anecdote, you'll swear you are right next to the author as he shares his life journeys with the rest of us."
--Pilot G-2, Amazon purchaser

"David Feela’s fine writings are at once intelligent, insightful, and entertaining, and often lit with the perfect spark of irony and humor."
--Bill Meissner, author of seven books, including the novel Spirits in the Grass

316 pages
5 x 8 inches