Livin' the Dream


Livin' the Dream: Testing the ragged edge of machismo

by B. Frank

B. Frank's tales of skiing backcountry, walking wilderness, rowing rapids, soaking in hot springs, wandering streets, and eking out a living in the West that makes life possible are also tours through the collateral damage of clashing American Dreams in the New West. Hold on -- it's a wild ride. But a worthwhile one, as B's boisterous forays 'out there' also unearth versions of the American Dream that don't ignore the tracks we're leaving behind. Colorado native B. Frank is a backcountry guide and senior correspondent for Mountain Gazette.

"B. Frank has an intimacy with the overall ecology -- social, natural, unnatural -- of his Home Range that runs deep and wide as the root systems of bristlecone pines."
--M. John Fayhee, editor, Mountain Gazette

304 pages
5.25 x 8 inches