Silverton Style

Silverton Style
by David G. Swanson

A vivid imagination becomes the backdrop for a collection of essays Swanson has written that chronicle his childhood growing up in a tiny mountain town in the 1970s. Silverton Style contains twenty-four writings, most of them describing some aspect of his developmental years and the corresponding outrageous adventures he lived through in the small southwest Colorado mountain town of Silverton.

Never dull, and always more than a bit satirical and eccentric in their descriptions and subject matter, these essays were all previously published at one time in Silverton’s local newspaper, The Standard & Miner, or posted to Swanson’s blog. As the collection illustrates, a non-fiction description of various aspects from a person’s life is often stranger, and in certain instances more offbeat, than fiction itself.

164 pages
4.375 x 7 inches