Smoke Signals


Smoke Signals: Wayward journeys through the old heart of the New West

by M. John Fayhee

M. John Fayhee's wayward wanderings have seen him illegally backpacking through the world's deepest gorge in China, paddling across crocodile-infested waters in a leaky Zodiac in the Dominican Republic, rafting the Chattooga River with the banjo-playing boy from Deliverance and coming face-to-face with a giant statue of Christ in Colorado's San Juan Mountains. Fayhee has recounted many of these off-the-social-grid mis-adventures in his monthly "Smoke Signals" column for the Mountain Gazette, of which he was editor. Fayhee has distilled his favorite "Smoke Signals" tales into this rollicking and thoughtful little tome. Be sure to take it along on your own wayward journeys. 

Fayhee's travels have taken him to five continents. He has also hiked the Appalachian, Colorado, and Arizona trails, as well as the Colorado section of the Continental Divide Trail. He has stood atop the summits of 27 of Colorado Fourteeners, but has since repented and promises to stand atop no more.

After 24 years living in the Colorado high country, Fayhee moved back to his old stomping grounds in Southwest New Mexico, where he lives in warmth and sunshine with his wife, Gay Gangel-Fayhee, and his very weird cat, Tucker. 

308 pages
6 x 9 inches