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Exercises To Improve Eye Health

You most likely know that you should exercise your muscles to improve your overall health. But what exercises should you perform to enhance your eye health? Eye health is essential as the health of any other body part. Therefore, taking adequate time to exercise the eyes should be a routine practice. Here are the exercises you can perform to improve your eye health


Palming is a yoga exercise for the eyes. It entails relaxing the essential muscles around your eyes to reduce their fatigue. To perform this eye exercise:

  • Rub your hands together, and then close your eyes.
  • Place each hand’s palm over the corresponding cheekbone.
  • Cup the hands over the eyes and then breathe deeply for around five minutes.

Pencil Push-Ups

Most people use pencil push-ups to train their eyes to move towards each other or converge while looking at something nearby. Performing the pencil push-ups entails holding a pencil at the length of your arms and wearing a near vision correction. With the pencil at this distance, focus on the eraser’s top. Get a letter in focus if the eraser has one to make it legible. In that position, move the pencil towards the nose while keeping the letter or the eraser in focus. Draw it away if it goes double. Perform this exercise several times.


Your blink rate automatically slows down after spending time on a digital device. And this can lead to drying of the eyes. Thus, your eyes can feel tired, gritty, and sandy. Taking some time to blink consciously can restore your tear film. Essentially, you can blink consciously to pump the eyelids’ glands and stimulate their lubricating secretions. What’s more, this exercise can spread the secretions over your eyes. You can also close your eyes and pause for a few seconds before opening them. With the eyes closed, squeeze the eyelids tight to stimulate the oil glands.

Far and Near Focus

Another exercise that can improve your eye health is far and near focus. Essentially, this exercise entails alternating between far and near focus. And this trains the focusing system to relax and engage appropriately. You can hold the thumb ten inches from the face while focusing on it for around 15 seconds. Another approach to this exercise is to keep an object near you with a letter on it. That way, you can engage the focusing system and shift the gaze to another target six meters away for around 15 seconds. After that, return to the thumb and then repeat this exercise severally.

Block String

Frederick Brock developed this eye exercise. This vision therapy pioneer developed an activity that people can use to train their visual systems. Performing the block string exercise entails setting up a block string by tying a loop on every end of a block string. After that, attach the coil to the doorknob and then position three beads. Place the farthest bead closest to your doorknob. Ensure that the middle dot is around 2-5 feet away, while the nearest bead is 6 inches away from your nose. Keep the string directly under the nose. These exercises can improve eye health, and they work for specific conditions. Nevertheless, ensure that a doctor checks your eyes regularly if you have a health condition.

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