The Joys of Being a Fly Fishing Guide

The Joys of Being a Fly Fishing Guide
by Don Oliver

In 1994, Don Oliver took a leap of faith and moved his family from Texas to Colorado to became a fly fishing guide. Since then, he has gone bald, watched his mustache turn solid gray, developed patience, and started to write about fly fishing. The Joys of Being a Fly Fishing Guide includes short stories and rewritten columns that recap some of his most interesting days on the water. Some are pure fiction while others are based on fact, with a little bit of Don’s definition of the truth added.

“Don has an undeniable passion for fly fishing and maybe an even greater love for sharing his passion with others. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a complete newbie, Don’s stories are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.”
--Ann Marie Meighan, Program Director, Adaptive Sports Association

“While known to occasionally tell some whoppers about his fishing exploits, Don Oliver is truly a master fly fisherman. His advice to anglers is practical and sound; his stories always engaging.”
--Richard Harrison, fly fishing client

212 pages
6 x 9 inches