The Great Conservation Divide


The Great Conservation Divide
by Dave Foreman

Third in the For the Wild Things series

In our growing civilization, there is no room for wolves.
Wolves belong.  Bring them home.

The National Forests should be tree farms and gridironed with roads.
All the wilderness and wildwood left in the National Forests and other public lands should be protected as roadless and uncut.

Rivers are plumbing.  It is our duty to dam and develop them for the good of Man.
Let the rivers run free!

Two conservation strategies—resourcism and Nature conservation—are the opposing sides of the Great Conservation Divide.

Dave Foreman tells the story of the increasingly harsh and bitter fight between two warring conservation movements, vying over the fate of the last wild things in North America during the Twentieth Century.  He lays out our hard choice between a Twenty-first Century world wholly dominated by Man or one where we not only save the last wild things, but also build upon growing rewilding efforts and networks.

294 pages
6 x 9 inches