Why I'm Against It All


Why I'm Against It All: Rants and reflections

by Ken Wright

With a good dose of wild humor seasoned with seriousness, Ken Wright's Why I'm Against It All entices readers to join him in loving undammed rivers as friends, rolling in the mud with kids, fighting to keep wild places wild, and enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

Why I'm Against It All is a statement on our times, a progressive look into the deepening soul of one man as he moves from youth to middle age - from bachelor ski bum to husband and father - as he expresses universal emotions about life's cutting questions.

"Why I'm Against It All is a rare gem of a book that's far more informed, insightful, entertaining, and important than most of what comes out of the New York 'big house' profit mills these sickly days. As a long-time Rocky Mountain, small-town, edge dweller, ski bum, river guide, desert rat, bus driver, construction worker, teacher, newspaper columnist, environmental and social activist and more -- Wright has his thumb on the political, cultural, and spiritual life of small Rocky Mountain tourist towns like no other writer I know."
-- author David Petersen

180 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches